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Drum Lamp Shade - W02 ~ Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey, 20cm(d) x 20cm(h)

Drum Lamp Shade - W02 ~ Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey, 20cm(d) x 20cm(h)

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Diameter: 20cm (8 Inch)

Height: 20cm (8 Inch)

Frame Fitting

All of our lamp shades are compatible with B22, E14 & E27 bulb holders. Please contact us for duplex options

You can request a design swatch here

Would you this lamp shade in a different height? Drop us an email here

Lampshade Size: 20cm (diameter) x 20cm (height)

  • All of our Drum Lampshades are handmade in our workshop in Wales, UK.
  • Rigid construction - all of our lamp shades are lined with a flame retardant PVC backing, you can use up to a 60w bulb.
  • This lampshade can be used with all (B22) and (E27) lamps and pendants. The 25mm converter insert ring (UK fitting) can be simply removed to fit any European lamp or pendant.

Lamp Shade Design: View all the products in this design here
This Pink Cherry Blossom Screen Printed Washi Paper is made in Japan. It features a Light Grey base colour, black and gold Branches, Pink and White Blossoms and Buds. The grey base colour areas lets light pass though with a soft glow, the branches and blossom remain opaque. We Import this stunning Washi direct from Japan.

We back all of our Lamp Shades with a Clear PVC Lighting Backing to make it safe and rigid.

Lampshade Diffuser:
Add a 20cm Circular Translucent polypropylene Diffuser to your Order here

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W02 ~ Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey

This Washi Paper Lighting Collection is made from stunning Japanese Yuzen Washi paper. All Lighting is handmade with care on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. It includes Lamp Shades, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps that can add style and sophistication to any home while providing warm, soft lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

W02 ~ Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey

Handmade Lighting

All of our lamp shades are handmade by us on the Isle of Anglesey with care and attention to detail.