Swatch List - Shop by Colour

We have a wide variety of design and colour options which you can choose to have your lampshades created from. Please take a look through the examples below which are shown lit and unlit.

You can request swatches to be posted to you via the form at the bottom of this page.

New Designs for 2022
P47 White Non Woven Fabric
White Non Woven Fabric
View P47
P48 Yellow Non Woven Fabric
Yellow Non Woven Fabric
View P48
P49 Peach Non Woven Fabric
Peach Non Woven Fabric
View P49
P50 Green Non Woven Fabric
Green Non Woven Fabric
View P50
P51 Blue Non Woven Fabric
Blue Non Woven Fabric
View P51
P45 ~ Embroidered Aqua
Embroidered Aqua
View P45
P46 ~ Embroidered Evening Blue
Embroidered Evening Blue
View P46
Multi Colour
P01 Batik Multi Square
Batik Multi Square
View P01
Natural / Cream
P42 Screen Printed Bees on Natural Lokta
Screen Printed Bees
View P42
P41 Screen Printed Birds
Screen Printed Birds
View P41
P43 Embroidered Flowers on White
Embroidered Flowers
View P43
Handmade Map Lamp Shades
Map Lamp Shades
View Map Lampshades
B108 ~ Flower of Life
Flower of Life
View B108
P74 Batik Circles on Natural Lokta
Batik Circles on Natural
View P74
P09 Batik Peony
Batik Peony
View P09
P10 Batik Tread Plate on Natural
Tread Plate on Natural
View P10
P17 Batik Big Flower on Natural
Big Flower on Natural
View P17
P32 Marigold Petals on Natural Lokta
Marigold Petals
View P32
P33 Rose Petals on Natural Lokta
Rose Petals
View P33
P34 Cornflower Petals on Natural Lokta
Cornflower Petals
View P34
P95 - Little Leaves
Little Leaves
View P95
P35 Batik Flower on Natural
Batik Flower on Natural
View P35
P28 Batik Leaf on Natural
Batik Leaf on Natural
View P28
P39 Polka Dots
Polka Dots
View P39
P40 Gold Screen Printed Fish on Natural Lokta
Gold Screen Printed Fish
View P40
P54 Natural Lokta Paper
Natural Lokta Paper
View P54
P69 Screen Printed Gold Pattern
Garden Gold
View P69
P75 Batik Star Flowers on Natural Lokta
Star Flowers on Natural
View P75
P85 ~ Batik Dots on Natural
Batik Dots on Natural
View P85
P82 Pink Hearts
Pink Hearts
View P82
Screen Printed Deers
Screen Printed Deers
View Deer Print
B120 ~ Batik Peony Yellow
Batik Peony Yellow
View B120
B107 - Batik Leaf Yellow
Batik Leaf Yellow
View B107
P71 Batik Yellow Circles
Batik Yellow Circles
View P71
P06 Batik Stripes Autumn
Batik Stripes Autumn
View P06
P89 ~ Batik Tread Plate Yellow
Batik Tread Plate Yellow
View P89
P86 ~ Batik Dots on Yellow
Batik Dots on Yellow
View P86
B118 ~ Batik Peony Red
Batik Peony Red
View B118
B115 ~ Batik Salt Lake
Batik Salt Lake
View B115
P73 Batik Cranberry Circles
Batik Cranberry Circles
View P73
P83 Batik Circles on Red Lokta
Batik Circles on Red
View P83
P16 Batik Hearts on Cranberry
Batik Hearts on Cranberry
View P16
P18 Batik Big Flower on Red
Batik Big Flower on Red
View P18
P14 Batik Tread Plate on Cranberry
Tread Plate on Cranberry
View P14
P90 ~ Batik Tread Plate Red
Batik Tread Plate Red
View P90
P30 Batik Leaf on Red
Batik Leaf on Red
View P30
P60 Red Lokta Paper
Red Lokta Paper
View P60
P76 Batik Star Flowers on Red Lokta
Batik Star Flowers on Red
View P76
P84 Batik Dots on Red Lokta
Batik Dots on Red
View P84
W02 - Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey
Blossom Yuzen Washi
View W02
W04 - Pink Hills with Gold Flowers
Pink Hills Yuzen Washi
View W04
P04 Batik Stripes Pink
Batik Stripes Pink
View P04
P22 Batik Big Flower on Hot Pink
Big Flower on Hot Pink
View P22
P25 Pink Fern Resistance dyed Lokta
Pink Fern Resistance dyed
View P25
P67 Batik Leaf on Pink
Batik Leaf on Pink
View P67
W07 - Peach Daisies
Peach Daisies Yuzen Washi
View W07
P57 Hot Pink Lokta Paper
Hot Pink Lokta Paper
View P57
P45 ~ Embroidered Aqua
Embroidered Aqua
View P45
P46 ~ Embroidered Evening Blue
Embroidered Evening Blue
View P46
B113 ~ Batik Ocean
Batik Ocean
View B113
B104 ~ Batik Dots on Royal Blue
Batik Dots on Blue
View B104
B103 ~ Royal Blue Batik Tread Plate
Royal Blue Tread Plate
View B103
P99 - Teal Bamboo
Teal Bamboo
View P99
B106 ~ Resistance Dyed Teal Fern
Resistance Dyed Teal Fern
View B106
P72 Batik Blue Circles
Batik Blue Circles
View P72
P05 Batik Stripes Blue
Batik Stripes Blue
View P05
P23 Batik Big Flower on Teal
Batik Big Flower on Teal
View P23
P31 Batik Leaf on Blue
Batik Leaf on Blue
View P31
B114 ~ Batik Canopy
Batik Canopy
View B114
B117 ~ Batik Leaf Lime
Batik Leaf Lime
View B117
P02 Batik Lime Circles
Batik Lime Circles
View P02
P96 - Batik Tread Plate Green
Batik Tread Plate Green
View P96
P27 Green Fern Resistance dyed Lokta
Green Fern
View P27
P93 Batik Tread Plate on Seafoam
Batik Tread Plate Seafoam
View P93
P19 Batik Big Flower on Green
Batik Big Flower on Green
View P19
P29 Batik Leaf on Green
Batik Leaf on Green
View P29
P87 ~ Batik Dots on Green
Batik Dots on Green
View P87
P98 ~ Batik Big Flower on Seafoam
Big Flower Seafoam
View P98
B111 ~ Batik Leaf Cyan
Batik Leaf Cyan
View B111
P80 Batik Star Flowers on Mint Green Lokta
Star Flowers on Green
View P80
P15 Batik Tread Plate on Mint Green
Batik Tread Plate on Cyan
View P15
P97 - Batik Dots on Cyan
Batik Dots on Cyan
View P97
B112 ~ Batik Lava Red/Orange
Batik Lava
View B112
P03 Batik Orange Circles
Batik Orange Circles
View P3
P91 - Batik Tread Plate Orange
Batik Tread Plate Orange
View P91
P94 - Batik Star Flower on Orange
Batik Starflower on Orange
View P94
B110 ~ Batik Dots on Orange
Batik Dots Orange
View B110
P26 Brown Fern Resistance dyed Lokta
Brown Fern
View P26
B102 - Black Feathers
Black Feather
View B102
P07 Batik Stripes Brown
Batik Stripes Brown
View P7
P12 Batik Tread Plate on Brown
Tread Plate on Brown
View P12
P20 Batik Big Flower on Brown
Big Flower on Brown
View P20
P66 Batik Leaf on Camel
Batik Leaf on Camel
View P66
P58 Brown Lokta Paper
Brown Lokta Paper
View P58
P63 Terracotta Lokta Paper
Terracotta Lokta Paper
View P63
B119 ~ Batik Peony Grey
Batik Peony Grey
View B119
P08 Batik Stripes Grey
Batik Stripes Grey
View P8
P88 ~ Batik Tread Plate Grey
Batik Tread Plate on Grey
View P88
P77 Batik Star Flowers on Grey Lokta
Batik Star Flowers on Grey
View P77
P78 Batik Dots on Grey Lokta
Batik Dots on Grey
View P78
P11 Batik Tread Plate on Black
Batik Tread Plate on Black
View P11
P24 Batik Big Flower on Black
Batik Big Flower on Black
View P24
P55 Black Lokta Paper
Black Lokta Paper
View P55
P13 Batik Tread Plate on Purple
Batik Tread Plate Purple
View P13
P21 Batik Big Flower on Lilac
Batik Big Flower on Lilac
View P21
P68 Batik Leaf on Purple
Batik Leaf on Purple
View P68
P79 Batik Dots on Purple Lokta
Batik Dots on Purple
View P79
W02 - Pink Cherry Blossom on Grey
Blossom Yuzen Washi
View W02
W04 - Pink Hills with Gold Flowers
Pink Hills Yuzen Washi
View W04
W03 - Gold Waves on Greys
Gold Waves Yuzen Washi
View W03
W01 - Red Daisies
Red Daisies Yuzen Washi
View W01
W05 - Cranes
Cranes Yuzen Washi
View W05
W06 - Kyoto
Kyoto Yuzen Washi
View W06
W07 - Peach Daisies
Peach Daisies Yuzen Washi
View W07
W08 - Lily Pond
Lily Pond Yuzen Washi
View W08

Swatch Request Form

It is often helpful to have a physical sample of designs/colours which you can then ensure matches or compliments your decor. Complete the form below and we will promptly send them to you!