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Clip on Lamp Shade - Tall - P30

Clip on Lamp Shade - Tall - P30

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Size: Top 8cm, Bottom 14cm, Height 16cm

Ideal for Wall Sconce fixtures and multi bulb Chandeliers.

Lamp Shade Design:
Our batik leaf design is one of our original and consistently popular lamp shade options! Our customers love the batik effect and the lovely light that this lamp shade emits.

The batik leaf design is created by wax being applied to natural lokta paper with wooden blocks in leaf shapes. Its then dried in the shade, once dry it is then dyed using a natural Red dye and ready to be backed with PVC lighting backing and made into a stunning Lamp Shade.

We back all of our Lamp Shades with a Clear PVC Lighting Backing to make it safe and rigid.

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