Tiered Pendant Lamp Shades

Tiered Pendant Lamp Shades

Tiered Pendant Lamp Shades, Handmade in many stunning designs. Rigidly Backed.

We often have customers who have either exceptionally high ceilings in their homes, or a large space to fill such as in the eaves of a barn conversion ~ and our Tiered Lampshades in Batik Lokta Paper or stunning Washi are perfect on these occasions!

Our 2 Tiered Pendant Lamp Shade options have a top shade diameter of either 40cm or 30cm, and we have found these to be a lovely sizes for smaller spaces.

Alternatively our 3 Tiered Pendant Lamp Shades are available in either 50cm or 40cm diameter across the top shade.

We hope you agree that the finished shades will make an impact statement in many rooms

Batik Peony Tiered Pendant Lamp Shade.


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