Home and Business Visits!

We often have the privilege to be asked by customers to come along to their homes and businesses to advise on their interior lighting. 

During our visit we bring along our full sized swatch book in addition to a whole selection of shades in different shapes and sizes, as you may be pleasantly surprised by what shape looks the best in a room!

Having the swatches available to view in each room affords you the opportunity to place a colour or design against your wallpaper or curtains etc and ensure that you make the right choice to match or compliment your decor.

So whether you have rooms in your home which you are decorating, or are searching for some new beautiful ambient lighting,or perhaps you have have a full hotel or business refurbishment project for which you need unique lighting - we are here to help!

Please dont hesitate to call us on 01248 422612 or email info@imbuelighting.co.uk

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