New Designs

New Designs

We are always adding new designs to our interior lighting range!
We don't follow trends as such, but do listen to our customers feedback when further designs are requested in different colours.

For is a lovely fresh colour and up until recently we only had our bright orange colour available in Batik Circles - but following customer feedback we now have the vibrant orange also in Batik Treadplate and Batik Starflower - and they have proved popular straight away.

In terms of green designs and colour options, we decided to add Batik Big Dots in Cyan along with a striking deep Green in our Batik Treadplate design too.

Batik Tread Plate Green

We have often been asked for a green alternative to our Cornflower Petal (blues), Marigold Petal (Orange) and Rose Petals (pinks) - therefore we have now added a new lokta paper to our range - Little Leaves! Tiny green leaves are embedded into the lokta pulp during the paper making process, which give a random and attractive pattern when lit or unlit.

Little Leaves Lokta Paper Lamp Shades

For a new screen printed design option..our black feathers on camel brown is so soft and sophisticated looking! Every sheet is hand made and then screen printed ready for us to make into very special light shades and lamps!

Bacl Feather Lamp Shades, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

We've also added a new resistance dyed design Bamboo Leaves on Teal.

Resistance Dyed Bamboo Teal Lamp Shades, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

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