Duplex Lamp Shades

Duplex Lamp Shades

There are occasions when standard utility rings don’t sit correctly on a table or floor lamp base - and this is where a Duplex system can be used to great effect.

Instead of your lampshade utility ring being located at the bottom of the shade, a Duplex shade sits on the top of a carriage, which enables the shade to be made longer to cover table/floor lamp fixtures.

The height can be adjusted depending on how tall the carriage is and how tall the shade is made - and can be a successful way of overcoming fitment issues.

The carriage is put onto your table/floor lamp fitment and held in place with the usual shade holder. This then becomes the piece which your shade will sit upon.

You can use our Lampshade Configurator to size up your perfect lamp shade! Simply choose the 'Duplex Lampshade' option to start designing your lampshade.

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