Bespoke Michelin Map Lamp Shades!

Bespoke Michelin Map Lamp Shades!

We were commissioned to produce a series of shades by one of our customers, based on the Vintage European Series of Michelin Road maps of France! We ironed and then backed each map with preparatory lighting PVC to ensure every lamp shade is safe and solid. 

Our customer has a wide selection of coastal and mountainous region map, and was happy for us to use our creativity to select the most appropriate map for his different shade sizes.

One pair of Short Drum shades was made using town and city areas and the tall drum shades were made using coastal maps - and the sea line even had a sketch of a Michelin Man water-skiing! 

For his biggest 50cm diameter round drum shade, we selected a mountainous region where the hills, fields and mountains can be clearly seen with small roads winding amongst them.

The finished effect is stunning and hope you agree! If you have any maps or sea charts from which you would like interior light shades making - then please look no further! 

Contact Mandy on 01248 422612 or email and we can have a chat!

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