A new home for Imbue Lighting production!

A new home for Imbue Lighting production!

We are finally in our new production premises and settling in nicely!

We took the decision a few months ago to move our interior lighting production to a different location. The business unit we had been renting for the last three years was very large and very, very cold (all year round!), and due to our opening our retail shop in Llanfairpwllgwyngll on the Isle of Anglesey, we just didn't need all that space.

It took us quite a while to find the perfect building ~ but we settled on a self build log cabin from  Dunster House

I have to admit it wasn't an easy job to prepare the ground and foundations for such a large cabin as every post has to be exactly the same height to within a mm, but it was so worth the effort (and our ex battery rescue chickens certainly took advantage of all the soil and ground preparations!)

Dunster House can definitely be recommended as a great company from which to purchase this type of building,and the building arrived on time and in great condition - although I have to admit I have never seen so many individual planks of wood in one place! However, all the planks are unloaded off the lorry in a methodical manner so that you can easily make sense of them during construction.

The entire self build was as straightforward as promised, and after a coat of good quality protective weather protective varnish on the outside the cabin was built! 

All of the usual electricity supply, heating and the inevitable internet connection finished the work ~ and I do hope you agree that the end result is fabulous!

We now have a warm and purpose built cabin from which we can produce your lamp shades, wall and floor lamps - and still have the capacity to make enough shades for any size of home or business!

Our two computer desks fit in really well too, and four people can easily work at the same time creating lamp shades, dispatching orders, designing new lines and products, and all in all it really is a lovely warm, light and airy work environment for us all!

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