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Triangle Lamp Shade - P53 - Pewter Grey, 20cm(w) x 20cm(h)

Triangle Lamp Shade - P53 - Pewter Grey, 20cm(w) x 20cm(h)

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Lampshade Size: 20cm (Width) x 20cm (height)

  • All of our Triangular Lampshades are handmade in our workshop in Wales, UK.
  • Rigid construction - all of our lamp shades are lined with a flame retardant PVC backing, you can use up to a 60w bulb.
  • This lampshade can be used with all (B22) and (E27) lamps and pendants. The 25mm converter insert ring (UK fitting) can be simply removed to fit any European lamp or pendant.

Lamp Shade Design:
This Lamp Shade is made using Plain Pewter Grey lokta paper with a PVC Lighting backing material. We import this paper from Nepal.

We back all of our Lamp Shades with a Clear PVC Lighting Backing to make it safe and rigid.

Lampshade Diffuser:
Add a 20cm triangular Translucent polypropylene Diffuser to your Order here

Lamp Shade Converter Ring 40mm to 25mm