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Laser Cut Plywood Table Lamps

We're pleased to announce that the plywood table lamps are now live on the site ~ They are designed by Sam James and the plywood is laser cut in North Wales.

We then create the PVC lighting backed panels using our beautiful papers which ensures effective ambient light in every lamp - no matter which design or colour option you choose. 

Batik, screen printed, resistance dyed, plain dyed and dye cut techniques are all available in the plywood light boxes.

They are available in two sizes:

  • 17.6cm(width) x 27cm(height)
  • 11.5cm(width) x 17.6cm(height)

View the full collection of laser cut plywood table lamps here.


laser cut plywood table lamp in batik multi square

Photo of the first batch being cut at Pontio in Bangor, North Wales. shot by @API_Pontio